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  核心提示: The complexity of the aero-engine is evidentFor aviation engine, has been regarded as the 'industr...


The complexity of the aero-engine is evident
For aviation engine, has been regarded as the "industrial pearl", and this pearl around the world, can be said to find their own good, is from the three: GE, Rolls Royce (Rolls-Royce) Company and Pratt & whitney. But there are military fans to ask, Russia as today's second largest military power, just after the United States, why is it manufactured engines failed to list it? The reason why we all know, Russia's aircraft engines, regardless of reliability or life expectancy, are far less than the western counterparts of the same kind of engine. Our country, because it can not get the advanced engine of western countries for a long time, is suffering from the short life and the suffering of reliability.



Leaves numerous Hangfa only processing cost a lot of manpower
To improve the quality of life of husband and Nan recognize, solve the problem of short time, size, make her scream, followed by the number 987 and HHU logo, not wrong
In fact, Russia to the Soviet Union is the engine has not been built well. So what is the reason why the Russian Airlines are limited for a long time? What can China learn from it?
As is known to all, Germany is located in Europe with heavy industry. In all aspects of heavy industry, Germany is the world leader. The world's first jet plane came from Germany in the Second World War, and the V2 rocket opened the door to modern rocket technology. It is because the German heavy industry contribution in baking, the Soviet Union in the jet engine starting from germany. At that time, Germany was defeated, and the enemy's material became the focus of the Allied forces, but the Soviet Union was preoccupied with seizing industrial goods such as machine tools and forgetting to attract those technicians. As a result, the technical experts who were regarded as "air" by the Soviet Union were all attracted by the United states. Since the Soviet Union thought to get equipment and equipment available, the successful development of the new engine is not a problem, only to find later, not just blindly imitate bad trouble, but due to the lack of professional and experienced technical personnel, development schedule of the Soviets themselves significantly delayed, the initial stage is behind the west.





This is something we once imagined in china. At that time, we had the Soviet jet engine, as it has just begun, the first thing to solve is whether there is something or not, so our policy is imitation. At first, the speed of imitation was certainly faster than the speed of development, and we tasted the sweetness. At that time, we neglected the establishment of a complete aviation industry system in china. Materials science, various types of assembly, processing and process technology have not been paid attention to and development, and later, we encountered an embarrassing situation is that imitation speed is not up to the speed of creation. We have introduced the British "Spey" engine, made in the production license, we took off the engine as a sample copy, made out of the various performance indicators and imported from England to the poor on a big cut. The core technology of the engine is material and processing.这一点与曾经我们中国很是想象。当时我们已经苏联的喷气式发动机,因为刚刚开始,首先要解决的是有还是没有的事情,所以我们的方针就是仿制。一开始仿制的速度当然要快于研制的速度,我们尝到了甜头,当时忽略就在当时建立起中国自己完整的航空工业体系。材料学、各个工种的装配、加工以及工艺技术都未得到重视和发展,到后来我们遭遇的尴尬局面是,仿的速度赶不上造的速度。我们曾经引进英国的“斯贝”发动机,在取得生产授权后,我们拿着现成的发动机做样品照抄,造出来的与从英国进口来的各项性能指标都差上一大截。发动机最核心的技术就是材料与加工。


Weak industrial base is also one of the reasons. China and the then Soviet Union had such problems, and the innovation also played a vital role in the improvement of the engine. No matter which country, the engine development is the same strain. With the beginning of the core machine, it will gradually develop towards the second and third generations. Due to the weak industrial base, lack of innovation, led to the Soviet Union of aero engine research way is often such as process level does not pass, the level of resistance to high temperature low metal material problems, resulting in products is limited, low yield and short service life and poor safety.工业基础薄弱也是原因之一。中国与当时的苏联都存在这样的问题,并且创新在发动机的改进上也发挥着至关重要的作用。无论是哪个国家,发动机的发展都是一脉相承的。有了最开始的核心机,就逐渐向着第二代、第三代发展。而由于工业基础薄弱、创新能力不足,导致苏联航空发动机的研发途中常常会受到诸如工艺水平不过关、耐高温金属材料水平低等的困扰,最终导致产品受限,既产量低,而且寿命短、安全性差。


The F-135 engine is equipped on the US F-35
So we should learn from the first, is to set up their own complete system of the development of the aviation industry, the aviation disciplines should to reject nothing, refinement, some parts, sub system should be clearly defined; to encourage innovation, attract innovative talents, the country's soft power can not be ignored; pay attention to the basic process of inquiry. The core technology is not in the hands of many engineers on the drawings, but in the hands of the hands of the technical staff, training of qualified workers experienced the same is king.


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