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  核心提示: June 19th, hosted by the League exclusive gaming pioneer open tournament Blizzard watch (Overwatch ...

June 19th, hosted by the League exclusive gaming pioneer open tournament Blizzard watch (Overwatch Open Division, referred to as OWOD) China District officially open registration channel: http://www.forex21.cn/, is expected to officially start the week of July 10th. As the establishment of Blizzard Entertainment's official global events, pioneer open tournament to watch for many aspiring to join the road occupation game player who create a display of skills, the strength of the stage, to help them to consolidate the basis for all levels of talent shows itself, the system emerging occupation league. With a blizzard gaming alliance, jointly expand the open tournament influence in Chinese, bring a positive, happy feast for the Chinese tournament game player.



As the event China area exclusive organizer, gaming alliance which was founded only a year young company, owned by the four major business segments: gaming venues, brand events, content production and programming issues has covered a number of important aspects of the gaming industry chain, which is one of the important reasons for the alliance to gaming hand held OWOD blizzard.作为此次赛事中国区的独家制作方,联盟电竞这家成立时间只有一年多的年轻公司,旗下的四大营业板块:电竞场馆、品牌赛事、内容制作、节目发行已经覆盖了电竞家当链的多个重要环节,这也是此次联盟电竞能够联袂传世举办OWOD的重要原因之一。


Alliance gaming has been advocating "content + scene" global gaming ecosystem model, now the gaming hall had not the simple sense of the Internet, but by gaming game remodeling and gives the line scene significance, young people here not because no computer and network home, but to experience more professional equipment, more attentive service, and to meet the social needs of face-to-face exchanges, or to go to experience the participation and watch a tournament brought the most direct sensory stimulation. The museum has become a new generation of Internet natives offline Entertainment Social occasions.联盟电竞一向倡导“内容+场景”的全球电竞生态模式,如今的电竞馆早已不是以前简单意义上的网吧,而是被电竞游戏重塑和付与了线下场景意义,年轻人去这里不是因为家里没电脑和收集,而是为了去体验更专业的设备,更体谅入微的办事,以及知足面对面商讨交流的社交需求,或是为了去体验介入、观察迟疑一场电竞赛事所带来的最直接的感官刺激。电竞馆已经成为了新一代互联网原居民们线下休闲娱乐社交的场所。

Professional gaming venues have become the best carrier to undertake all types of gaming events, to provide services for the bag check. When the gaming hall has developed to a certain scale, but also become a huge line traffic entrance. Alliance gaming venues in Beijing, now has a gaming America Europe three put into use, the next 3-5 years, will be built more than 10 gaming venues in the global network.专业的电竞场馆也成为了承接各类电竞赛事,为之供给拎包入住式办事的最佳载体。当电竞馆成长到一定规模,还能成为巨大的线下流量进口。联盟电竞现在已有北京、北美、欧洲三地的电竞馆场投入应用,未来3-5年,将在全球建成10家以上的电竞场馆收集。

Relying on the global gaming League gaming venues layout, also designed three-dimensional multi level three own Big League, Superstars, Legend event Series for different levels of game player, is also working with Blizzard gaming alliance, the air network game manufacturer, hosted its official events. There is a mutual promotion tournament and gaming game tournament, at the same time also can produce wonderful content, ticket sales, to attract the favor of the sponsor, resulting in huge commercial value. Ding Dong director of the information center of the National Sports General Administration of sports said in an interview, watch the crowd from gaming enthusiasts, numerous gaming, domestic competition, whether it is the network site, more than a lot of traditional sports.依托全球电竞场馆结构,联盟电竞也为不合级其余玩家设计了立体多层级的三大自有赛事Big League、Superstars、Legend Series,联盟电竞还与传世、空中网等游戏厂商合作,制作其官方赛事。电竞赛事与电竞游戏有着互相促进的感化,同时电竞赛事还能够产生精彩的内容、门票收入,吸引赞助商的青睐,从而产生巨大的商业价值。国家体育总局体育信息中间丁东主任曾在采访中表示,从电竞爱好者、观赏人群来看,国内的浩瀚电竞赛事,无论是现场、收集都跨越了很多传统体育项目。

In addition to the tournament tickets, sponsorship revenue, game content production in the future is expected to become the most important part of the gaming industry's income, and one of the core businesses of this formal alliance gaming. According to market research firm Newzoo released the "global E-sports market report" shows that the total income in 2017 global E-sports is about $516 million, including sponsorship, advertising and media rights revenues were 155 million, 266 million and $95 million. At present, although the tournament audience has more than traditional sports events, but in the global gaming rights income is only $95 million (about 650 million yuan), the digital and traditional sports is still a huge gap. In the traditional sports project as an example, LETV Sports 2 billion 700 million yuan to win two super network broadcast rights alone, PPTV2.5 billion euros (about 1 billion 800 million yuan) take the Spanish 2015-2020 Chinese exclusive media rights, compared with these traditional sports tournament copyright value has been greatly underestimated, this also means that with the further development of the gaming market, copyright value generated by events, there is a huge potential.除了电竞赛事产生的门票、赞助等收入外,赛事节目内容制作在未来有望成为电竞家当收入中最重要的组成部分,而这也正式联盟电竞的核心营业之一。据市场研究公司Newzoo公布的《全球电子竞技市场申报》显示, 2017年全球电子竞技的收入总额约为5.16亿美元,个中赞助、广告和媒体转播权的收入分别为2.66亿、1.55亿和9500万美元。就今朝而言,尽管电竞赛事的观众已经跨越传统体育赛事,但在全球电竞转播权收入只有9500万美元(约6.5亿国民币),这个数字和传统体育比拟还有着巨大的差距。以传统体育项目为例,乐视体育27亿元拿下两年的中超收集独播权,PPTV2.5亿欧元(约合18亿国民币)拿下西甲2015-2020的中国独家全媒体版权,和这些传统体育项目比拟,电竞赛事的版权价值却被大大地低估了,这也意味着跟着电竞市场的进一步成长,经由过程赛事节目产生的版权价值,还有巨大的挖掘潜力。

According to the work of the committee, China Association of audiovisual and digital publishing games published Gamma data released in February this year, "2016 Chinese Gaming Industry Report" shows that in 2016 the gaming game sustained growth, the market size of up to 50 billion 460 million yuan, while the first quarter of 2017, gaming game market performance is hot, growth of 42.6%. As the world's largest gaming market, currently has about 100 million users Chinese gaming, this number is still growing. Including the game development, event execution, program production, broadcast, online gaming industry chain team club, has begun to take shape, with the emergence of more and more of the head of the game, in the national policy tilt and support, link Chinese gaming industry all have a very broad space for development. In addition, the alliance also has domestic and foreign Internet gaming and WPT global overseas TV distribution channels, which will further enhance the brand alliance gaming event's influence.根据中国音像与数字出版协会游戏出版工作委员会、伽马数据于今年2月宣布的《2016年中国电竞家当申报》显示,2016年电竞游戏获得持续增长,市场规模高达504.6亿元,而2017年第一季度电竞游戏市场表现更是火热,环比增长42.6%。作为全球最大的电竞市场,今朝中国约有1亿电竞用户,这个数字还在赓续扩大。包括游戏研发、赛事履行、节目制作、在线直播、战队俱乐部在内的电竞家当链已初具雏形,跟着更多头部游戏的出现,在国家政策的倾斜和支持下,中国电竞家当各个环节都有极为广阔的成长空间。此外,联盟电竞还拥有国内外互联网和WPT全球海外电视发行渠道,这将进一步提升联盟电竞品牌赛事的影响力。

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