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  核心提示: Today in the streets of China, casually pull a young man to ask, the current market is the most pop...

Today in the streets of China, casually pull a young man to ask, the current market is the most popular hand tour is what, perhaps 99% of people will say is "new legend website change.". When it comes to "Beijing change", is really a miracle to Mobile Games, the outbreak of blowout in the Mobile Games products of society, "Beijing" can still become a firm foothold in the market Mobile Games, have to say this is a fabulous existence. "Beijing" in the mainland version beta in November 2015, until now has been accompanied by a game player who passed through two years, in the past two years has attracted a lot of fans to play the game, the saw bow in the high streets and back lanes, playing the game, 80% game player is playing the "new legend website change".当今在中国的大街上随便拉一个年轻人去问一问,目前市面上最火爆的手游是什么,或许99%的人都会说是《新开传奇网站中变》。说到《新开传奇网站中变》,真的是一个手游界的奇迹,在这个手游产品以井喷式爆发的社会,《新开传奇网站中变》依旧能够在手游市场站稳脚跟,这不得不说是一个神话般的存在。《新开传奇网站中变》大陆版于2015年11月公测,到如今已经伴随着玩家们走过了两个年头,在这两年当中吸引了大量的粉丝去玩这款游戏,在大街小巷,看见低头一族在玩游戏的,80%的玩家是在玩《新开传奇网站中变》。

"Beijing" in this game is a DOTA like Mobile Games, when playing the game is the main battle, game player who can in addition to 1V1, 3V3, 5V5, war, game and adventure mode, which is what we call the PVE play, the most important it can also participate in the annual qualifying, so that can be described as "new legend website" is a very comprehensive game.《新开传奇网站中变》这款游戏是一款类似DOTA的手游,在玩这款游戏的时候主要是以对战为主,玩家们可以进行1V1、3V3、5V5的对战,另外,游戏当中还有冒险模式,也就是我们所说的PVE玩法,最重要的是还能够参加年度的排位赛,所以可谓说《新开传奇网站中变》是一款非常全面的游戏。

In China's wind and water mixed "Beijing in" how to Chinese only in the territory of promotion, recently, Tencent announced that they will be the "new change" in various countries of the game overseas legend website, while the first promotion area is in Europe and the United states. If only to Europe and the United States may not be able to move to Europe and the United States Mobile Games promotion game player's hearts, so Tencent in the promotion before the plan, the first is the Tencent "new English legendary website" to determine, in the English version being called "StrikeofKings" also, in the non Chinese version, game player will also see Batman incarnations, the most is the image of Batman has been authorized DC representative of the Warner Bros. entertainment.在国内混的风生水起的《新开传奇网站中变》怎么甘心只在中国的版图上推广,最近,腾讯宣布,自己将要把《新开传奇网站中变》这款游戏推广到海外的各个国家,而最先推广的地区则是欧美地区。如果只是单纯的向欧美地区推广或许未必能够打动欧美手游玩家们的心,所以腾讯在推广之前早就对此进行了周密的计划,先是腾讯把《新开传奇网站中变》的英文名给确定了,在英文版中被人们称为《StrikeofKings》,还有在非中文版当中,玩家们还将看见蝙蝠侠等化身,最主要的是蝙蝠侠的形象目前已经得到了华纳兄弟代表的DC娱乐的相关授权。

At present, "Beijing change" has been in Turkey, Thailand on market, then, that in September, Beijing in the United States, Italy and France are also expected to open the corresponding version of the "". In the industry, for the "Beijing" in the world it is the voice of someone, for "Beijing" to the world in a future feel optimistic, and some think that "new game player" to become the first foreign game player Mobile Games difficult legends website or, for a long time.目前,《新开传奇网站中变》已经在土耳其、泰国登录上市,紧接着,据传在9月份,美国、意大利、法国等国家也将陆续开放相应版本的《新开传奇网站中变》。在业界,对于《新开传奇网站中变》走向世界这件事情有着不容的声音,有人对于《新开传奇网站中变》走向世界觉得前景一篇乐观,而有的玩家则觉得《新开传奇网站中变》要想成为国外手游玩家的头牌比较难,或者需要相当长的一段时间。


According to several media reports, the "promotion of new legend website" is not optimistic, after all "new change" has just entered the foreign market legend website, so this is very normal, the so-called one side of the water, suitable for the China Mobile Games may not be in foreign steady sprout in the "new" foreign version of the production when the Tencent still need to understand the preferences of foreigners legend website, but also in foreign countries must also have a lot of Mobile Games now is a market, the world's population so much, want to have a market share from other the Mobile Games to share a cup of soup also need to take a lot of effort under the Tencent.据多家媒体报道,目前《新开传奇网站中变》的推广情况不容乐观,毕竟《新开传奇网站中变》刚刚进入国外的市场,所以出现这样的情况也是很正常的,正所谓一方水土养一方人,适合中国的手游未必就能够在外国平平稳稳的生根发芽,在进行《新开传奇网站中变》国外版制作的时候腾讯还是需要好好的了解一下外国人的喜好,而且在国外肯定也是有很多手游目前已经是有市场的,世界上人口数量就这么多,要想从别的已经占有市场份额的手游中去分得一杯羹还需要腾讯好好的下一番功夫。

But recently a wholly owned subsidiary of a large Tencent is the fist material broke the company sued two wages called "endless duel" and "magic boom in the United States in central California Court: Hero" these two games infringement now the most popular large electronic games "hero alliance", "endless duel" belongs to Shanghai Mu the pupil of the technology company, and the "magic boom: Hero" is also the company's games, the company saw competition in the mainland but popular "new legend Mobile Games website", and then moved to foreign countries to promote the development, gain a huge success. Fist company asked Shanghai Mu Tong Technology compensation of about $150 thousand, the current results in the end how not to come out, but the fist and Tencent such relationship, let a person have to fantasy.不过最近有一个比较大的料爆出就是腾讯的全资子工资拳头公司在美国加州中部法院起诉两款叫做《无尽对决》和《魔法热潮:英雄》这两款游戏侵权现在最火的大型电子竞技类游戏《英雄联盟》,《无尽对决》属于上海沐瞳科技公司的,而《魔法热潮:英雄》同样也是这家公司的游戏,这家公司眼看在大陆地区竞争不过当红手游《新开传奇网站中变》,于是便转战到国外去推广发展,结果收获了巨大的成功。拳头公司要求上海沐瞳科技一共赔偿约15万美元,目前结果到底怎么样还没有出来,但是拳头与腾讯这样的关系让人不得不想入非非。

The industry a lot of people have speculated that because of "confrontation" in most countries outside the endless China have very high popularity, in order to reduce the "Beijing" change in foreign competitors, so I want to say this game will give up. No matter the intention fist sued Shanghai Mu technology pupil whether this is, but after all, for the promotion of "Tencent Beijing in" help is still relatively large, after all, so we can have one less competitor.业界很多人纷纷猜测,因为《无尽对决》在中国以外的大部分国家都有相当高的人气,为了减少《新开传奇网站中变》在国外的竞争对手,所以想先将这款游戏给绊倒再说。不管拳头起诉上海沐瞳科技的意图是否是这样,但是归根结底,对于腾讯推广《新开传奇网站中变》帮助还算是比较大的,毕竟这样就能够少了一个竞争对手。

But some people think that "Beijing in" while winning the game player who welcome at home and abroad, but did not attract game player mainly because do not accord with foreign game player gaming habits, at this point, the Tencent is still need a lot of effort.可是也有人认为《新开传奇网站中变》虽然在国内赢得了玩家们的欢迎,但是在国外并没有吸引住玩家主要还是因为不符合国外玩家的玩游戏习惯,在这一点上,腾讯确实还是需要下一番功夫的。

As for the "new legend website" development prospects at home and abroad, personally think it is very promising, but the "new change" is open in the web development legend is good for the Tencent's generalization ability is a great test, although access to foreign markets, in the aspects of character design have been improved series, but find a way to let people accept the game player and a good study method. But this is not the case of the counter attack, for example, has a very Jinhong when "DOTA" was replaced by "hero alliance", today "DOTA" is still popular, but not once brilliant.至于《新开传奇网站中变》在国外的发展前景,个人觉得还是非常有发展前景的,但是《新开传奇网站中变》究竟发展的好不好对于腾讯的推广能力是极大的考验,虽然说进入国外市场,在人物设计等方面都进行了一系列的改进,但是要想办法让玩家们接受还需要好好的研究一下方法。不过这样的逆袭的案例也不是没有的,比如曾今红极一时的《DOTA》就被《英雄联盟》所取代了,时至今日《DOTA》虽然依然有人气,但是远远没有曾今的辉煌。

In addition to the promotion of a game, the play is also very important, because when the game player are drawn when come to play the game if it is found that the content is so boring, it also does not stay so "new game player," to the foreign market position must be done abroad than existing to better Mobile Games legends website, so that it can attract more game player. For the "new legend website" development prospects in foreign countries is still relatively good, but the good game Human effort is the decisive factor., if not by the continued improvement and promotion will not be accepted. "New legend website change" in overseas can be sure, a large part of the operation team is able to have the right way to promote and reasonable game improvement strategy.一款游戏除了推广之外,自身的可玩度也是非常重要的,因为当玩家们被吸引前来试玩的时候如果发现游戏内容还是这么的枯燥乏味,那同样留不住玩家,所以《新开传奇网站中变》要想在国外市场上位必须要做的比国外现有的手游要更好,这样才能够吸引更多的玩家。对于《新开传奇网站中变》在国外的发展前景其实还是比较好的,但是事在人为,再好的游戏如果不通过继续改进和推广仍然不会被人们所接受。《新开传奇网站中变》在海外能够受到肯定很大一部分在于运营团队是否能够有正确的推广方式和合理的游戏改进策略。

But regardless of "new change" and how to promote it is in order to make more money legend website, and the recent "new" anti addiction limited game time most of the pupils of the legendary site, which also makes the Tencent less earn a lot of money, but with the overseas promotion of the development of "new open" the overseas re attract a large number of foreign students into the pit legend website, when the "new" when the change on the world top Mobile Games site in the legend, the money is certainly not what, but because of the addiction prevention, is also left a good name in the eyes of the adults, and so things really hit the big Tencent wishful thinking.不过不管《新开传奇网站中变》再怎么推广也是为了能够赚更多的钱,而近期的《新开传奇网站中变》防沉迷限制了大部分小学生游戏时间,这也使得腾讯少挣了不少钱,但是随着海外推广的展开,《新开传奇网站中变》将在海外重新吸引大量的国外小学生入坑,当《新开传奇网站中变》登上世界手游榜首的时候,这一点钱当然不会算什么,而且因为有了防沉迷,也算是在大人的眼中留下了一个好名头,这样名利双收的事情腾讯真的如意算盘打的响当当。

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